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The tasks of archaeology and cultural preservation is to discover and preserve our shared heritage. In the pre-Covid time, the Center would periodically hold an Archaeology Film Festival, and occasionally a Native American Film Festival. With our new venue and additional staff resources it has been decided to once again offer archaeology and Native American films. The Center will host the Storytellers Cinema: Showcasing Archaeology and Indigenous Films every November, in association with Native American Heritage Month. 

The aim of the Storytellers Cinema is to present archaeology and Indigenous history to the general public through films made by archaeologists and Indigenous people, assuring the promotion and the spreading of these films. The Cinema offers a broad range and varied programs featuring films of differing lengths focusing on different periods and themes, but all with one thing in common: to discover and preserve our shared heritage. 

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The 2022 Cinema will be held from Friday, November 11 through Sunday, November 13, at the Phillip England Center for the Performing Arts, 210 Camp Lincoln Road, Camp Verde

Tickets are $12. VVAC Members receive a 15% discount on tickets by entering the Discount Code

Click each date for a description of each film that day

Friday, November 11, 7:00 pm   

Can Archaeology Repair its Past with Indigenous America?  |  United States | 14:39 | Directed by Victoria Sutton

Bandelier: Reclaiming Home  |  United States | 15:30 | Directed by Rachel Preston

Torn   | United States | 21:00 | Cal State University

Tsegi Canyon  | United States | 19:30 | Directed by Justin Clifton

NAMARALI  |  Australia | 52:11 | Directed by Tim Mummery

Saturday, November 12, 7:00 pm

The Music of the Wiwa People | Columbia | 12 | Directed by Michael Brims, Jaime Bofill

Titration: Radioactive Waste, Princeton, and the Navajo Nation | United States | 10 | Directed by Michael Q. Ceballos

The Pilgrimage to Magdalena | Mexico | 29 | Produced by Jerry P. Haas and Alex LaPierre

La Gente de la Tierra (The People of the Earth) | Peru | 80 | Directed by Mitchell Tijerina, Benjamin Keller

Sunday, November 13, 3:00 pm

Mamu Kurtaji  | Australia | 20 | Directed by Anna-Marie Harding

A Gallarus Story | Ireland | 16 | Directed by Matthew Emmet Sullivan

The Journey of Tiak Hikiya Ohoyo (Standing Pine Women) | United States | 48 | Directed by Mark Williams

Who Will Sing For Me? | Canada | 46 | Directed by Roger Bill, Tristram Clark

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