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Verde Valley Site Watch Program

Verde Valley Archaeology Site Watch (VVASW) is a program of the Verde Valley Archaeology Center that promotes the importance of education about our common cultural and natural heritages and encourages public responsibility in the protection and preservation of cultural and natural resources on public lands. This philosophy incorporates the training and use of volunteers to assist in and expand the roles of public land staff in many endeavors.

The goals of the program are:

  • Site Steward Recruitment and Training
  • Vandalism Reporting System
  • Training Videos and Manuals
  • Satellite Monitoring Equipment for Archaeological Sites
  • Public Awareness Campaigns

The Importance of Site Stewardship

The major goal of Site Watch is to assist the SSVP Regional Coordinator in recruiting and training new site stewards, and to provide retraining opportunities for current volunteers. By regularly monitoring sites, problems are detected early, when they can more easily be corrected. The program seeks to bring together various hiking and other recreational groups in the Sedona/Verde Valley area to collaborate in site protection.

Site Stewardship is important because the professional staff of public agencies is unable to periodically and systematically visit recorded archaeological and/or historic sites that are under their jurisdictions and that are subject to impacts. Limitations in agency staffing, funding, priorities, and physical access to remote areas are some of the reasons why Site Stewards can make a significant contribution to our collective cultural he.  Site Stewards can be the “eyes and ears” of professional staff and help preserve and protect cultural resources for future generations of scientists and the public. 

The Arizona State Parks and Trails site steward website has been updated so you can apply online by going to https://azsitesteward.org. The process can take two to three months so please be patient. You will be contacted when a training session has been scheduled. 


To report vandalism, call or leave a voice message: 928-567-0066 or email sitewatch@vvarchcenter.org. Please include as much information on the location as possible such as what trail you were on. A GPS location would be very helpful. You do not have to leave your contact information unless you wish to receive a follow up report.

If the vandalism is in progress, DO NOT CONFRONT the individual(s) for your own safety. A photo would be helpful if you can safely take one.

Your call or email information will be forwarded to the site steward assigned to that site who will visit the site and report to the appropriate official. Thank you!

Site Steward Training

The Verde Valley Archaeology Center is the Regional Coordinator for the Arizona State Site Steward Program for the Verde River District. This District covers the entire Verde Valley from the Red Rocks to the North to Fossil Springs to the South. The Center conducts periodic training of new site steward applicants. Training starts at 9:00 am with a classroom session until about Noon. After a lunch break, the class reconvenes at an archaeological site for further training. If you are interested, but not sure, about becoming a site steward, send us an email with any questions.

Site Steward Manual (10 MB - February 2017 Edition - 121 pages). This manual is being updated to condense much of the material.