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The VVAC Financial Sustainability Plan


Thanks to our member's generous support, we now have a beautiful new state-of-the-art facility in Camp Verde. With renovations and move-in complete comes the reality of day-to-day operating expenses that are required to maintain and propel the Verde Valley Archaeology Center and Museum’s (VVAC) mission. Financial sustainability is the foundation for everything our museum aspires to be whilst ensuring the integrity of vital conservation, preservation and education.

We need your help! Even during the best of times, museums like VVAC operate on razor thin margins—often surviving on month-to-month finances. The continued fallout from the pandemic, inflation and the 2023 Summer’s stifling heat have only complicated our existing challenges. To assure continued financial stability, VVAC
’s Board of Directors recently adopted an updated and thoughtful 5-Year Strategic Plan to secure our future. The keys to this plan are: 


Our Mission: Our Mission is to foster a deeper understanding of Indigenous legacy in the Verde Valley through public education and preservation of archaeological sites and artifacts.

Our Vision: The Verde Valley Archaeology Center will be a widely recognized major cultural institution providing education, preservation, and curation facilities. We will be known for our high professional standards and practices while we preserve the Verde Valley’s ancient legacy.

Our Value: Our value is to honor the sovereign heritage and cultures if Indigenous People in the Verde Valley.

People ask us "what makes VVAC special and why should I support your mission?" The answer is straight-forward. The VVAC:

  • Has reverence for Indigenous Peoples as traditional stewards of this land and the enduring relationship that exists between Indigenous Peoples and their traditional territories and cultural heritage

  • Helps to enrich learning through engaging educational programming on the ancient history of Sedona and the Verde Valley

  • Provides a valuable and unique resource for scholars, students and the general public through the collection and preservation of important and valuable prehistorical materials

The immediate goal is to build our General Fund to $1,000,000 by the end of 2025. This will ensure that all operating expenses can be met, allow the hiring of additional staff, and address some needed improvements in our 25-year-old building. We encourage you to contribute to the Archaeology Center and Museum to help sustain the financial foundation of the Center for generations to come. Click HERE to make a donation. Thank you in advance for your gift-giving-spirit and helping VVAC thrive into the future.  


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