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Area History

The Sedona/Verde Valley Region of Arizona is in the north central area of the State.


The Verde Valley Region is approximately 50 km (31 miles) long and 17k m (10.5 miles) wide.  It is bounded on the southwest by the Black Hills which have a relief of more than 1200 m (3900 feet) above the valley floor.  The valley floor lies at an elevation of about 1 km (3280 feet) above sea level.  The Verde River, a major river of Arizona, flows to the southeast through the valley and is fed by perennial, groundwater-fed streams from the north and east.  Numerous ephemeral tributaries drain the west and northwest portions of the valley.  The Mogollon Rim, a prominent escarpment rises 300 to 600 m (985 to 1970 feet) above the valley floor along the southwestern margin of the Colorado Plateau.  The Mogollon Rim marks the eastern and southeastern boundaries of the Verde Valley.

HERE to see our 5-minute video on the cultures of the Verde Valley on YouTube.

Download a road map of the Verde Valley showing the area's State Parks, National Parks, Forest Service Heritage Sites, campgrounds and more.

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