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Native American Heritage Garden

The Center's property in Camp Verde contains a prehistoric pit house village below ground. Based on numerous studies of local prehistoric life, we know that agriculture played an important part in the lives of these people. Agriculture allowed for the establishment of villages for a more stable lifestyle from the traditional migratory hunting and gathering pattern.

The Center set aside a portion of the property to create a Native American Traditional Use garden.  As described in the page on the Pathway, there are several exhibits in this area.

Native American Ancestral Garden - The area is sponsored by Donalyn Mikles of the Kling Family Foundation. The garden benches are sponsored by Susan and Avrum Cohen, Jim and Elaine Worthington, and Stan and Sue Loft.


Prehistoric Farming - This part of the garden features corn, squash, beans and cotton, typically grown in this type of village. The exhibit is sponsored by Dean and Kathi Olson.

Prehistoric Tools - With donations from Desert Botanical Garden, this part of the garden feature varieties of agave that would have been collected and roasted. The exhibit is sponsored by Larry Watkins.

Pathway Horticulture - There will be several signs identifying the various native plants along the pathway. The plaques are sponsored by George and Pat Witteman. The Pathway benches are sponsored by Lee and Jean Silver and Michael Pollard and Mary Wiseman.

Below are some images from the 2021 planting season as of June 22.

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