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Upcoming Events


Native American Heritage Garden Open House 

Saturday, July the 1st: 8:30am-11:30am

Open to members and non-members

Registration is not required 

We are excited to publicly present the Dry Farm Project on the West end of the property. In the original Ancestral Garden, we implemented 'land race' gardening techniques with many 'volunteer' species. Join Robert Estrada, VVAC's Ethnobotanist for an engaging morning exploring the Gardens and the fruits of Robert's and the Garden volunteers' labor!


The Native American Heritage Garden is located on Homesteady Parkway in Camp Verde. Homestead Parkway is directly off of Finnie Flat Road.

We are the large gravel parking lot on the left hand side.


The event is free, a donation to VVAC is kindly welcomed.

Donate here:

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