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Policy Documents & Forms

The mission of the Verde Valley Archaeology Center is to connect individuals and communities with opportunities to explore, study, and experience the dynamic heritage of the Verde Valley.

The Center collects artifacts that illustrate the cultural heritage of the Verde Valley region from prehistoric times. The collections support the Center’s mission through their use in interpretive and educational exhibits, programs, and research opportunities to promote a better understanding of the dynamic environment and heritage of the Verde Valley.

Permanent collections or collections items are often referred to as "acquisitions" or as having been "accessioned" into the Center’s collections. The term "item" is used as a generic reference to individual artifacts, documents, images, books, etc.

The Center subscribes to a policy of selective acquisition. The significant costs of cataloging, storing, and preserving collections or collections items require that the Center be judicious in acquiring items. Each potential acquisition will be evaluated with care, taking into consideration its value to the collection as well as its probable impact on the Center’s resources.

Contact us if you would like to discuss any items that you would consider giving to the Center.

Policy Documents


Operations and Policy Manual (revised as of April 26, 2021)

Collections Management Policy


Preservation Policy


Gift Acceptance Policy


Records and Preservation Ethics

Artwork Donation Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Whistleblower Policy



Deed of Gift to VVAC


Temporary Custody or Loan to VVAC

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