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Digital Membership Cards

As part of our commitment to sustainable practices, the Museum is thrilled to launch a faster and greener way to deliver benefits to our Members.
What are digital membership cards?

Digital membership cards offer convenience and ease of use for members. Eco-friendly and fully integrated with mobile wallets, digital cards streamline the membership process and reduce the costs associated with physical card creation and distribution. Digital membership cards can be downloaded and saved to your smartphone or tablet without the use of a third party app. Going digital means you never have to worry about forgetting your membership card. 

I would like a non-digital membership card, how do I get that?

Please contact us at or call us at 928-567-0066 to request a physical card. You will receive your new card in 7-10 business days.

Is there a cost to having a digital membership card?

No. Your digital membership card is FREE.

What will be on my digital membership card?

Your digital membership card will show the following:

  • Name

  • Membership level

  • Expiration date

  • Member ID bar code

  • If eligible, a digital NARM sticker

If I am a member at a level that includes a National Association of Reciprocal Museums membership, can I use this digital membership card to visit other NARM reciprocal museums?

Yes. Please show your digital membership card that contains the digital NARM sticket at the visiting reciprocal location for reciprocal benefits.

What if I need to update my information on my digital membership card?

Please contact us at or call us at 928-567-0066 to update your information.


I’m a new member. How do I receive my digital membership card?

When a new membership is purchased, the receipt contains a link to retrieve the membership card. When a member clicks that link on their smartphone, the system determines whether they’re using Android or iOS, and displays the correct button to add the membership card to the device.

I renewed/upgraded my membership. Will I get a new digital membership card emailed to me?

No. Once you download your digital membership card to your smartphone device, your card will automatically update in your wallet within 48 hrs. of receiving your renewal/upgrade. If you notice that your digital membership card did not update, you can refresh your wallet or switch on the automatic updates tab.

There are multiple adult names on my membership, how can the second or third person receive the card?

All adult members that are listed on the membership should provide an email address to receive their own digital membership card. If they don’t have an email address on file, the primary member will receive the email with links for each listed adult to download their own digital membership card.

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