Water Line to Property

The first project in the development of the Center’s Homestead Property is moving along as anticipated. Part of the donation agreement requires the Center to extend the water line along the property - a 1300’ extension. The engineering has been completed and all permits have been received. The cost of the line is $98,842.74.

Thanks to the generosity of our members, the cost of the water line is covered!

The following members purchased a foot or more of pipe for $50 per foot. A special thank you to Scott and Bonnie Simonton for the donation of $21,000 to complete the project.

 Mike Bencic &  Cindy Parker – Two Feet  Tom &  Lucie Burris – Twenty Feet  Scott and Bonnie Simonton – Three Hundred Twenty Feet
 Kathy Davis – Ten Feet  Bruce & Patricia George – Four Feet  Keith &  Jeannie Greiner – Twenty Feet
 Frank Grinere – Two Feet Bill &  Lynette Kovacovich – Two Feet Bill &  Justine Kusner – Twenty Feet
 Ken &  Marcia Lee – Four Feet Ruthmary Lovitt – Two Feet Tom Mathieu &  Coco Januschka – One Foot
 Ray &  Mel Nowaczyk – Two Feet  Sharon &  Norm Olsen – Two Feet Dean &  Kathi Olson – Two Feet
 Ron Rummell & James Hose – Two Feet RJ &  Jean Smith – Forty Feet Kimberly Spurr &  David Purcell – Four Feet
Elaine &  Jim Worthington – Two Feet  John &  Diane Simpson – One Foot William & Elizabeth Sweeney – Five Feet
 Cathy &  Tom Weimer – Two Feet  Robert Whiting – Five Feet  Maurine & Warner Wise – Twenty Feet
 Ron &  Suzanne Burkey – One Foot  Ken &  Nancy Zoll – Three Feet 

We have met with the Camp Verde Water Company and Kinney Construction Services to plan the installation. Installation is scheduled for June 2017 and will take about one week.

The next phase of this project is the completion of the road by the Town of Camp Verde. A grant from Arizona Fish and Game has been received that will cover the engineering of the road and the laying of AB materials. A further grant is in process for curb, gutter and paving.