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Lecture Videos

The Center offers free public lectures throughout the year. These monthly lectures are generally held on the second Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm. Check the Event Calendar for the exact dates and locations. Subject to the lecturer's approval, lectures are often recorded.
Click a name below to go directly to that video or scroll down the page. To view a video in full screen mode click on the icon in the lower right hand corner of the player window. To exit full screen mode, hit the esc key on your keyboard. Click settings in the lower right corner of the player window to watch in 720p HD (recommended) and click on the YouTube icon if you want to watch it on the YouTube page.

Todd Bostwick - "New Discoveries about the Cliff Dwellers of Central Arizona" presentation for Archaeology Southwest

  • Todd Bostwick - Ancient Waterways of Life: Hohokam Irrigation Systems
  • Laurie Webster - Latest Findings from the Cedar Mesa Perishables Project
  • Brian Fagan - 2017 Verde Valley Archaeology Center Gala
  • R.E. Burrillo - "Bears Ears Archaeology: Past Present and Future"
  • Charles Adams - "13,000 Years of Migration in the Middle Little Colorado (Homol'ovi Area) River Valley"
  • Peter Pilles - "The Tuzigoot Phase - Last Days of the Southern Sinagua A.D. 1300 - 1400"
  • Jaime Awe - "Maya Cities and Sacred Caves of Belize"
  • Laurence Garvie "The Camp Verde Meteorite"
  • Kimberly Spurr "How We Know What We Know - Forensic Anthropology in the Real World"
  • Paul Lindberg "Geologic Features of Archaeological Sites in Northern Arizona and the Colorado Plateau"
  • Peter Pilles "Discoveries from Honanki"
  • Dave Dove "Update on the Excavations at Champagne Spring Ruins"
  • Todd Bostwick "Cumming's Excavations at Tuzigoot"
  • Ken Zoll "Prehistoric Astronomy of Central Arizona"
  • Stewart Deats "Archaeological Excavations in Camp Verde & Clarkdale, Arizona"
  • Stephen Lekson "A History of the Ancient Southwest"
  • Bill Lipe "Before Lake Powell - Memories of Glen Canyon"
  • Jim Graceffa "Ceramic Analysis Survey Study"
  • Joe Vogel "Aerial Archaeological Photography"
  • Peter Pilles "Avocational Archaeology in the Verde Valley"
  • Bern Carey "Deadman's Frontier Zone Project"
  • Ron Krug "Paleo and Archaic Projectile Point Distributions on the Coconino National Forest
  • Jerry Ehrhardt "Soldier and Indian Trails of the Verde Valley"
  • Jerry Ehrhardt "Sycamore Canyon Full Coverage Survey"



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