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Sinagua Trail* Self-Guided Tour

The Verde Valley Archaeology Center is developing the Sinagua Trail* Self-Guided Tour.  The Sinagua Trail* is the name given to a circular loop of archaeological sites in the Verde Valley first suggested by Coconino National Forest archaeologist Peter J. Pilles, Jr.  The Center has taken on this project in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service, the National Park Service, and the Yavapai-Apache Nation.   This loop, brimming with archeological artifacts, is believed to have been important to the Sinagua who lived in the Verde Valley from around 800 to 1425 A.D.

The Sinagua Trail comprises a self-guided tour of stops to examine Native American artifacts, ruins, petroglyphs, dwellings and agricultural sites with dry farming and irrigation. Many of these same sites were later important to Verde Valley pioneers, who also developed similar trade routes and settled in forts around the rivers.

The trail can be a fascinating driving tour of the Verde Valley for visitors interested in history, archeology, ancient agricultural techniques and Native American art and culture. U. S. Forest Service sites are free but do require a Red Rock Pass or equivalent for parking.  National Park sites charge an admission fee but honor a variety of passes.

Please be sure to acquaint yourself with the Site Etiquette guidelines before visiting any of these sites.


* Sinagua Trail is a registered trademark of the Verde Valley Archaeology Center.