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    • 17 Apr 2018
    • 6:00 AM
    • 20 Apr 2018
    • 5:00 PM
    • Catalina Inn - Catalina, AZ
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    Join the Center on a guided excursion to Northwest Chihuahua, Mexico .  This four-day trip includes the United Nations World Heritage site of Paquimé, the most important archaeological site in northwest Mexico and the American Southwest., the pottery village of Mata Ortiz, the Mormon settlements of Colonia Juarez and Colonia Dublan, and a side excursion  to the cliff dwelling of Olla Cave in the Sierra Madre Occidental.  This non-tourist part of Mexico offers a rich cultural mix of Mexicans, Mormons, and Mennonites and the spectacular landscape of the Chihuahuan Desert.  

    Trip Dates:   April 17-20, 2018

    Cost per person: $650 double occupancy; $720 single occupancy ($300 nonrefundable if cancelled) includes all transportation, tours, hotel in Mexico, entrance fees, and tips.

    Limited to 10 participants. Click HERE for a trip flyer.

    Day 01—Depart Catalina Inn, Catalina, Arizona at 6:00 a.m., to the great  archaeological site of Paquimé.  After touring the museum and ruins, check into the Nuevo Casas Grandes hotel and have dinner.

    Day 02—Breakfast in the Hotel Hacienda followed by a tour of the Mormon community of Colonia Juarez, and a discussion of Mormon settlement patterns and the agricultural economy of this part of Chihuahua.  The rest of the day will be spent in the pottery village of Mata Ortiz, visiting the homes of many artists to learn how the pots are made, painted, and fired.  

    Day 03—After breakfast in the Hotel Hacienda drive to Olla Cave, one of dozens of cliff  dwellings in this part of the Sierra Madre.  This site is particularly unique because of the large adobe structure used by the prehistoric inhabitants to store grain.  T

    Day 04—After breakfast and check-out, tour one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Colonia Dublan and then begin the return journey to the Catalina Inn arriving about 5:00 p.m.  

    Rooms at the Catalina Inn on April 16 and April 20 are NOT included if desired.

    • 08 May 2018
    • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
    • Cliff Castle Casino, 333 Middle Verde Rd, Camp Verde

    A Colorful Past: Turquoise and Social Identity in the Late Pre-Hispanic Western Pueblo Region, A.D. 1275-1400.

    Turquoise is synonymous with the U.S. Southwest, occurring naturally in relative abundance and culturally prized for millennia. As color and material, turquoise is fundamental to the worldviews of numerous indigenous groups of the region, with notable links to moisture, sky, and personal and familial vitality. For Pueblo groups in particular, turquoise and other blue-green minerals hold a prominent place in myth, ritual, aesthetics, and cosmology. They continue to be used as important offerings, deposited in shrines and decorating objects like prayer-sticks, fetishes, and adornments. Archaeological occurrences of turquoise in contexts such as caches, structural foundations, and burials demonstrate its important, perhaps ritually oriented role in prehispanic Pueblo practices.

    Saul Hedquist, PhD, addresses the myriad uses of turquoise and other blue-green minerals in the late prehispanic Western Pueblo region of the U.S. Southwest (northeastern Arizona and western New Mexico, A.D. 1275–1400). Multidisciplinary research, including archaeology, geochemistry, and ethnography inform upon the role of turquoise in ancient social identification. I will outline stylistic variation in ornaments and painted items, patterns of placement in archaeological deposits (ritual offerings, for example), and regional patterns of mineral acquisition and exchange. 

    All lectures of the Verde Valley Field Institute are free and open to the public. A $5 donation per person is suggested to help defray costs.

    • 24 Aug 2018
    • 27 Aug 2018
    • Cortez, Colorado
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    The Center will hold only one excavation field school this year near Cortez, Colorado at Mitchell Springs site. The dates are August 24-27. 

    The Member cost to attend is $195.

    The Non-member cost to attend  is $245, which includes a one-year membership.

    To reserve your space you must register and pay your fee at the time of registration. There is a $75 non-refundable cancellation fee.

    No experience is necessary. You will be paired with someone with experience. All materials will be supplied, unless you have your own that you would like to bring. You should be in good health as the activity is mildly strenuous. The weather can be hot, in the high 80's, so appropriate clothing, sunscreen, a hat and plenty of water is a must.

    For additional information, contact Jim Graceffa at dr.jvg1@gmail.com.