Welcome to our Building Fund Benefit


As most of you know, it had been our intention to build a new archaeology repository and museum on property that the VVAC owns off of Homestead Parkway. Architectural plans were drawn up, fundraising began, and hopes were high. Despite our best efforts, it soon became clear that the vision was financially beyond our reach. Moreover, we were rapidly running out of space to house collection items, and a “Plan B” was urgently needed.

And so it came to be that we cast our eyes on an already constructed building in downtown Camp Verde, namely the former Verde Valley Medical Center Clinic located across the street from Walgreen’s. This building is available and has almost 11,000 square feet of space – three times larger than the current VVAC – and it is something that we will purchase with minimal debt. Closing is tentatively set for July 21. The only downside? We will need to do substantial remodeling on the inside, but when we do, it will suit our needs perfectly.

Hence the fundraiser, directed at staying on track to have a new, debt-free VVAC. To enter the Fund Raising Event, please click HERE. You can see additional information on our new building by clicking the  “Additional Info” on the site tab.

How To Bid and Donate:
1. Use the top-left menu to view Silent Auction Items, access My Bids or Make a Donation.
2. To bid, select an item, enter your amount and then click 'Place Bid'. Use the 'Max Bid' function and the system will bid for you up to the amount entered.
3. Register your details and then 'Confirm Your Bid'.
4. Receive outbid text notifications and bid again! If you are at the event, keep an eye on the leaderboard screens to see if you're still the winning bidder!

If you have any questions please refer to the FAQs section.