Beaver Creek Field Seminar

Wet Beaver Creek is a perennial clear stream that flows all year through a very lush and scenic desert canyon. Flowing on a twisted course through the Mogollon Rim, Wet Beaver Creek meanders through a sheer canyon of Supai sandstone and shale. Beaver Creek flows past the sites visited on this seminar.

This seminar is limited to weekdays to coincide with the hours of operation of the Yavapai-Apache Cultural Center. 

The first stop will be the Yavapai-Apache Nation Cultural Center and the monumental sculpture to "The Exodus." The Beaver Creek watershed is sacred to several Native American tribes, including the local Yavapai Apache people.

The second stop will be Montezuma Castle National Monument. The Castle provides visitors with an excellent example of Sinagua architecture.

We will continue to the third stop, Thoeny site in Lake Montezuma, an Archaeological Conservancy site. This site is often referred to as "Little Tuzigoot" due to the similarity in architecture.

START: Start at 8:30 am in the Archaeology Center for an overview - leaving the Center promptly at 9:00.

LENGTH: 3-4 hours

PRICE: $125 per person includes transportation from the Center, water and Monument admission fee. Members and their guests receive a 15% discount.

GROUP SIZE: We can schedule a field seminar with a minimum of 3 participants and maximum of 6. A private tour can be arranged with pick-up at your location when paying for six participants.

DIFFICULTY: The hike to the Thoeny Pueblo is moderately difficult and involves an elevation change, with uneven terrain. As a result, we cannot accommodate children under 12.


Additional information on the seminars, such as required clothing and supplies, can be found in the Details page.

PRICE: $125 per person includes transportation from the Center and water. Members and their guests receive a 15% discount.