Native American Heritage Month
Annual American Indian Art Show

November 25-26, 2017 

The Largest INDOOR Native American Art Show in the Sedona/Verde Valley Area
10:00 am to 4:00 pm - Saturday
10:00 am to 4:00 pm - Sunday

Camp Verde Community Center
395 S. Main St., Camp Verde, AZ
Free Admission

Featured Artist: Filmer Kewanyama

Hopi artist Filmer Kewanyama grew up on tribal lands in Northern Arizona. He absorbed the history, culture and art of his ancestors at an early age. A Desert Storm veteran, he retired in 1997 from a 21-year career in the United States Army and moved to Prescott in 2004.  He earned an associate’s degree in graphic design from Yavapai College in 2010. This kick-started his affection for contemporary fine art. Filmer's art is shown in the Art Show Poster shown above.

ARTIST STATEMENT: My lineage is descended from the Hopi Tribe of the Southwest. Majority of my work depicts and chronicles the Hopi way of life, what I feel and know is very important, and sacred to me. We Hopi are of the few Native American people that cling to our old way of life and its ceremonies. As a child growing up on Hopi, I too learned through our initiations the ceremonies that our ancestors passed on to us. The usage of symbols and what I call Katsina colors is crucial to my work. My influences come from what I know of Hopi history and what are my own interpretations of Hopi history fueled by own personal feelings. I am constantly striving to learn and develop new techniques and ideas to use in my paintings, digital art, sculpture, and much more. Some of my other works have to do with my personal experiences of growing up between American culture and my Native culture. I focus on trying to depict the spirituality of what Hopi means to me The People of Peace. My goal is to educate Non-Hopi on who we are, and to continue to grow spirituality and professionally as an artist.

Artist applications are now being accepted. The application can be downloaded HERE, or you can complete the online application. Call us at 928-567-0066 to be mailed a copy of the form or for more information. Newly applying artists must mail a copy of their tribal affiliation and three images of their work to be judged for acceptance. BE SURE TO READ THE RULES BEFORE APPLYING.