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Director of Archaeology

Todd W. Bostwick, PhD, RPA

Dr. Bostwick served for 21 years as the City Archaeologist for the City of Phoenix at Pueblo Grande Museum, where he established a comprehensive archaeology compliance program and served as coordinator with the National Park Service for the Pueblo Grande National Historic Landmark. He has been a Faculty Associate at Arizona State University and at Northern Arizona University for seven years.

Dr. Bostwick’s duties includes: planning and supervising all field and lab operations; developing policies to conform to the highest standards of ethical, intellectual and scientific rigor and validity; serving as primary contact with the Archaeological Conservancy; and overseeing collections, curation and display activities.

  • B.A. in Anthropology, University of Nevada, Reno, 1979
  • M.A. in Anthropology-Archaeology, Arizona State University, 1985
  • Ph.D. in History, Arizona State University, 2003


Arizona Archaeology Advisory Commission Award in Public Archaeology, 2005; Valley Forward Award (City of Phoenix Environmental/Cultural Training Program), 2004; City Manager’s Excellence Award, 2003, 1995; Governor's Awards in Historic Preservation, Education Category (Heritage Square Ruin Your Day), 1995; Arizona State Historic Preservation Office Special Recognition (Phoenix Chinatown), 1995; National Park Service Certificate of Merit, Full Spectrum Accessibility Award (Pueblo Grande Trail System), 1990; National Park Service Special Commendation (Stabilization of the Pueblo Grande Platform Mound and Ballcourt), 1990


1990 – 2010 Phoenix City Archaeologist, Pueblo Grande Museum, Phoenix

  • Administered and/or supervised more than 1,000 archaeological projects for the City of Phoenix and Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park to insure compliance with local, state and federal regulations.
  • Managed the Pueblo Grande Platform Mound stabilization program.
  • Coordinated the City repatriation process with local Native American governments, in particular Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, and Gila River Indian Community, and the Hopi.
  • Served as liaison with the National Park Service for PG National Historic Landmark
  • Coordinated construction of the Pueblo Grande platform mound interpretive trail system
  • Managed, co-edited and co-authored the Pueblo Grande Museum Archival Study (3 volumes)
  • Curator or Co-Curator on 12 Pueblo Grande Museum archaeology exhibits
  • General Editor of 30+ volumes of the Pueblo Grande Museum Anthropological Papers and
    Occasional Papers
1977-1990: Project Director, Crew Chief, and Crew Member for archaeological survey, testing, and data recovery projects throughout Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Nevada.


  • 40+ Published Books, Reports, Articles, and Reviews – Examples: Exploring the Frontiers of Hohokam
  • Astronomy: Tracking Seasons and Orienting Ritual Space in the Sonoran Desert, Archaeoastronomy Vol. 23, University of Texas Press, 2010; Viewing the Sky Through Past and Present Cultures: Selected Papers from the Oxford VII International Conference on Archaeoastronomy (co-editor with Bryan Bates), Pueblo Grande Museum Anthropological Papers No. 15, Phoenix, 2006; Byron Cummings: Dean of Southwest Archaeology, University of Arizona Press, 2006; Landscape of the Spirits: Rock Art of South Mountain Park, Arizona (with Peter Krocek), University of Arizona Press, 2002.
  • Popular Reports - Beneath the Runways: Archaeology of Sky Harbor International Airport, PGM, Phoenix, 2008; Desert Farmers at the River’s Edge: The Hohokam of Pueblo Grande (with John Andrews), PGM, 1998.
  • Historic Preservation Publications - South Mountain Rock Art Project Manual, Arizona State University and State Historic Preservation Office, 2007.

TEACHING EXPERIENCE: Arizona State University, History Department, 2004 - 2010; Northern Arizona University, History and Anthropology Departments, 2005 - 2011.

ARIZONA HUMANITIES COUNCIL SCHOLAR PROJECTS: Heritage Square Ruin Your Lunch Archaeological Project (City of Phoenix); Desert Canals (Scottsdale Center for the Arts); The Past in Place (Deer Valley Rock Art Center); Humanities Council Speakers Bureau.