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All Monuments Field Seminar

Available year-round

This Seminar is designed to be an all-inclusive study of the two archaeology national monuments here in the Verde Valley.

The first stop will be the Montezuma Castle National Monument. The Monument includes a set of well-preserved Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwellings. The dwellings were built and used by the Sinagua people between 1100 and 1400. The main structure comprises five stories and twenty rooms, and was built over the course of three centuries.

The second stop will be Montezuma Well, a natural limestone sinkhole that contains Sinagua dwellings. The Well's steady outflow has been used for irrigation since the 8th century. Part of a prehistoric canal is preserved near the park's picnic ground, and portions of the canal's original route are still in use today.

A third optional stop, after a lunch break, will be the Tuzigoot National Monument that preserves a 2- to 3-story pueblo ruin on the summit of a limestone and sandstone ridge. The pueblo has 110 rooms built by the Sinagua between 1125 and 1400. It is the largest and best-preserved of the many Sinagua pueblos in the Verde Valley.

START: We start at 8:30 am in the Archaeology Center for an overview - leaving the Center promptly at 9:00. You should plan to arrive no later than 8:00 to check-in. Park in the rear parking lot.

LENGTH: 5-6 hours

TRANSPORTATION: We use a stretch van and take no more than 10 passengers. The van has comfortable seating, heat and air conditioning and tinted windows.

PRICE: The morning session to the Castle and Well is $100 per person includes transportation from the Center, water and Monument admission fee. Members and their guests receive a 15% discount. The afternoon Tuzigoot visit can be added for an additional $50 per person.

GROUP SIZE: We can schedule a field seminar with a minimum of 2 participants and maximum of 10. A private tour can be arranged with pick-up at your location with a minimum of four participants.

LUNCH: Since this tour with Tuzigoot can be lengthy, if the group desires, we can build in a stop for lunch at a local winery or restaurant. Lunch is not included in the seminar price.

DIFFICULTY: The hikes on this seminar are on developed trails and can involve a modest elevation change. There is no restriction on children for this seminar.

Additional information on the seminars, such as required clothing and supplies, can be found in the Details page.