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V Bar V Heritage Site

The V Bar V Heritage Site is the largest known petroglyph (rock art) site in the Verde Valley, and one of the best-preserved. The site consists of 1,032 petroglyphs. The vast majority of images were created by the Sinagua from about 900 AD until about 1350 AD. There is only one suggested Yavapai image wherein they modified an earlier Sinagua image "to make it their own." There is also at least one image that is believed to be from the Archaic period, although others may also be from that earlier time period.

Rock art is one type of archaeological data that can be used to identify prehistoric cultures and time periods. The Beaver Creek Rock Art Style has been identified and formally described through studies of rock art sites in the Beaver Creek area, especially at V-Bar-V. The Beaver Creek Style, found throughout the eastern half of the Verde Valley, is diagnostic of the Southern Sinagua culture.

The property was acquired by the U. S. Forest Service in 1994 and first opened to the public in 1996. The site is protected by a resident on-site custodian.

Directions:  2.8 mi. southeast of the I-17 at Sedona Exit 298, just beyond the Beaver Creek Campgrounds.

Hours: The site is only open on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm.

Fee: A Red Rock Pass or equivalent is required per vehicle.

Docents:  On-site hosts and volunteers offer interpretive information.

Visitor Center: The Visitor Center is located about 100 yards from the parking area.

Toilets: Vault-type toilets are available near the rock art site, and a bathroom is available at the Visitor Center.

Gift Shop: There is an Arizona Natural History Association gift shop.

Trail: The rock art site is reached after an easy hike of about 1/3-mile from the Visitor Center.

Wheelchair access: The trail is wheelchair accessible but not the petroglyph viewing area.

Phone: 928-282-3854

Visit the Coconino National Forest website for more information.

Please be sure to acquaint yourself with the Site Etiquette guidelines before visiting the site.