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Acrylic on canvas. 15” x 15” with frame by Fil (Yoimasa) Kewanyama This painting depicts the aura, the power that is the katsinum who bring the Hopi People rain, moisture, and many other wonderful blessings. This is how Hopi sees the power, beauty that is all around us and that includes the Spirits of our Hopi Katsinum. Life is a circle, Mother Earth is a circle, and in that circle is all that is around us. The katsinas stay with us half of the year, but the very spirits of them are always with us reminding us of whom we are and the very importance of our ceremonies. Growing up and seeing these beings, we are always awed at the aura that emits from these wonderful spirits. My lineage is descended from the Hopi Tribe of the Southwest. Majority of my work depicts and chronicles the Hopi way of life, what I feel and know is very important, and sacred to me. We Hopi are of the few Native American people that cling to our old way of life and its ceremonies. As a child growing up on Hopi, I too learned through our initiations the ceremonies that our ancestors passed on to us. The usage of symbols and what I call Katsina colors is crucial to my work. My influences come from what I know of Hopi history and what are my own interpretations of Hopi history fueled by own personal feelings.