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"Coming of Dawn" sculpture by Navajo Alvin Marshall

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Alvin Marshall was born in Shiprock, NM, on the Navajo reservation where he attended boarding school and grew up. Currently he works out of his shop in Kirtland, NM. He is full blooded Navajo and has been showing at the Ken Rowe gallery in Sedona, AZ for eight years. Alvin most enjoys sculpting, drawing, and painting and has been doing so since a very young age; making art. For some time he has been honing his skills in sculpting. This wonderful sculpture is named “Coming of Dawn”. She depicts a Hopi maiden saying her prayer in the morning covered with a ceremonial blanket. She is thanking the day for it’s goodness and preparing for her day. She is a water carrier which is a very important job in her village. She will pray and then put her hair up in the maiden whorls. The Hopi village in this piece, her prayer, the blanket, and the fact that her hair is down while she prays, shows her in rare form in a unique way.