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RAFFLE ITEM ONLY - Navajo Horsehair Pottery

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THIS IS A RAFFLE ITEM AT THE OCTOBER 19 BENEFIT EVENT This beautiful style of Navajo art is called horse hair pottery because actual horse hair is added to the pottery at just the right moment in the firing process to melt the hairs into the pottery, creating stunning and unique designs. This Native American pot is hand etched and hand painted. The pot is unsigned. Turquoise is the birthstone of December. It is believed that turquoise tends to bring good fortune, strength and helps overcome illness. Turquoise got its name from the Levantine traders called Turks who brought the stone to Europe from Persia via Turkey centuries ago. Native Americans have prized turquoise since the time of the Aztecs, who mined it in New Mexico. The natural variations that occur in turquoise are part of its appeal and beauty.