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Oak Creek Dwellings Guided Tours to Private Archaeological Preserves

Go on a guided tour with experts of two private archaeological preserves

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Adults (Ages 18+): $95
Children (Ages 12-17): $85
Due to conditions at these sites, no children under 12 are permitted

Please note: we require a minimum booking of 2 people for this tour


3 Hours

Where Will We Go?

First: Ottens Pueblo - This is one of the Sugarloaf Group of ruins along Oak Creek. After a challenging uphill hike, the reward is a large ruin with spectacular views.

Second: Atkeson Pueblo - This site boasts the tallest free-standing pueblo wall remaining in the Sedona/Verde Valley area.


  • Tours are in the Verde Valley near Sedona
  • Highest hike goes to 3,500 ft (1,067 m)
  • Transportation is provided to and from The Collective Sedona on Highway 179 in the Village of Oak Creek, south of Sedona, or from the Verde Valley Archaeology Center, 385 S. Main St., Camp Verde.
  • Pick-up at your hotel can be arranged for groups of at least four individuals.

What to Bring Recommendations

  • We encourage participants to bring snacks (trail mix, etc.).
  • We provide bottled water and hiking poles.
  • Sun protection including hats and sunscreen year round.
  • Closed-toed-shoes needed.

We reserve the right to deny participation to anyone with
inappropriate footwear that we deem to be a safety issue.

Prohibited Items Include:

  • Fire Arms
  • Cigarettes, Cigars, E-Cigarettes
  • Drones
  • Glass Containers
  • Alcohol

Oak Creek Tour Image Album

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  • Atkeson Pueblo
  • Atkeson Pueblo
  • Atkeson Pueblo
  • Atkeson Pueblo
  • Atkeson Pueblo
  • Atkeson Pueblo
  • Atkeson Pueblo
  • Atkeson Pueblo
  • Ottens Pueblo
  • Ottens Pueblo
  • Ottens Pueblo
  • Ottens Pueblo
  • Ottens Pueblo Trail
  • Ottens Pueblo