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Montezuma Castle National Monument

The Montezuma Castle National Monument features well-preserved Sinagua cliff dwellings high above Beaver Creek. Since before its establishment as a National Monument in 1906, Montezuma Castle has drawn curious visitors from all over the world. Standing below the 900 year old masonry walls of this dramatic structure stretches the imagination of what life was like on the shores of Wet Beaver Creek. The five-story stone and mortar dwellings contain 20 rooms and once housed about 50 people. A natural overhang shades the rooms and would have sheltered them from rain and from the sun during the summer months.

Several Hopi clans trace their roots to immigrants from the Montezuma Castle/Beaver Creek area.  Clan members periodically return to their former homes for religious ceremonies.

The dwellings and the surrounding area were declared a National Monument on December 8, 1906. The National Monument was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on October 15, 1966.

The visitor center includes a museum about the Sinagua and the tools they used to build the dwellings. There is also a gift shop.For more information, visit the
Montezuma Castle National Monument website.

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