The Verde Valley Archaeology Fair, the International Archaeology Film Festival and the Festival of American indian Art are held during Arizona Archaeology and Heritage Awareness Month in March. Our events have been recognized as a "Premier Signature Event" of the Arizona SciTech Festival. These events are part of the Camp Verde's Spring Heritage, Pecan and Wine Festival held next to our events. The dates for the 2017 Spring Heritage, Pecan and Wine Festival are March 18-19. Below is the schedule of events.

A Souvenir Program Guide for the event includes information about the Pecan and Wine Festival and the Verde River Runoff that occur on the same weekend of March 18-19. Click HERE to download the program guide (3.7MB).

ArchaeoMadness is two days of Lectures, Films, Art, Demonstrations and Exhibits


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Date    Location
Saturday, March 18
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Lecture: Gerry Ehrhardt - Governor Goodwin’s and Woolsey’s
Expedition through the Verde Valley to the Salt River

Town Hall, Room 106

Noon - 1:30

Lecture: Dr. Todd Bostwick
The Verde Salt Mine: Ancient and Historic Salt Mining in Camp Verde

Town Hall, Room 106
 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm Lecture: Michel Zajac, Arizona State University
Reconstructing the Lupanar (Pompeii)
Town Hall, Room 106
Sunday, March 19    

10:00 am - 11:30 am

Lecture: Dr. Tedd Neff, Coconino National Forest Red Rock District Archaeologist
Grand Archaeology: Excavation and Discovery along the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon

Town Hall, Room 106
Noon- 1:30 pm
Lecture: Dennis Gilpin, PaleoWest,
The Cavates of Cosmos Mindeleff: Smithsonian Architects Victor and Cosmos
Mindeleff and the Study of Pueblo Architecture, 1881-1900

Town Hall, Room 106

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Lecture: Dr. Jaime Jose Awe
Human Response to Environmental Stress and the Collapse of Ancient Maya Civilization
 Town Hall, Room 106

Saturday, March 18
Sunday, March 19

10:am - 4:00 pm




Camp Verde 
Community Center
  Festival of American Indian Arts

  International Archaeology Film Festival 

"ArchaeoMadness" was created by the American Institute of Archaeology for International Archaeology Day.
We appreciate the AIA's permission to use it for our event.