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Dr. Art E. Fact* Invites you to a

Children's Archaeology Discovery Area

The Verde Valley Archaeology Center has developed an area set aside as a Children's Archaeology Adventure.  This are includes Dr. Art E. Fact's desk with his archaeologist tools and manual for doing a field survey and an excavation.  There is also a multi-drawer cabinet where children can pick up and examine pottery sherds and other artifacts.

Our Verde Valley mural wall represents the Verde Valley as it looks today with remains of pithouses, pueblos, rock art, agricultural fields and other features.  Children can take a magnetic card of how these areas looked 1,500 years ago and place them over their how they look today.  When done, the Verde Valley has been transformed to how it looked 1,500 years ago.

There are also metates for grinding corn and other activities.  Each child who comes to the Center receives two free booklets.  A Guide to Verde Valley Archaeology is an activity book with puzzles, word searches, connect-the-dots, and coloring pages.  They will also receive a copy of Stories of Early Arizona with four stories of the lives of Sinagua children who lived here 1,500 years ago.


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