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Bell Trail 

Do not confuse this trail with the Bell Rock Trail north of the Village of Oak Creek.  The Bell Trail provides access to hiking trails into the Beaver Creek Wilderness. Go east on FR 618 which starts where Hwy 179 ends at Interstate 17. Go about two miles east of I-17 and take a left on FR 618A, which leads to a parking area at the trailhead. From the trailhead it is a leisurely  stroll. The trail is wide as it is an old jeep trail. This trail is named after the old rancher Charles Bell who made this trail for his cattle.

The trail roughly follows Beaver Creek that is seen below from time to time.  About 1.8 miles along the Bell Trail you will find petroglyphs on a  large boulder on the left, roughly facing the creek. You will know you are near this point when Southwestern Academy housing is visible directly across the creek. From this point on you can see several petroglyphs on boulders to your right and left.  They are not easy to spot so look carefully.

As you continue on the trail you will come upon the confluence of Casner Canyon and Wet Beaver Creek.  This  is where the Bell Trail meets the first canyon to the north. From here you can see Casner Butte to the northeast, the White Mesa Trailhead, and the Apache Maid Trail. These were other important byways of the Sinagua.

Stay on Bell Trail as it dips down a ravine.  As you come out of the ravine and begin to circle around the hill to your left you will be approaching the Casner Butte ruins on the water's edge.  It is only about 30 yards off the trail but many hikers pass it without realizing it is there.  Many of the walls have fallen in but you can clearly see the room outlines.  Many have been pot hunted which accounts for the depressions in many of the rooms, but at least this gives you a sense of the depth of the rooms and wall construction.

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