OUR MISSION is to preserve archaeological sites and collections, to curate the collections locally, and to make them available for research and education; to develop partnerships with American Indians, cultural groups and the communities it serves; and to foster a deeper understanding of prehistory and American Indian history in the Verde Valley through the science of archaeology.

Paris and Normandy on the Seine River

Please join the Verde Valley Archaeological Center members on a cruise on the Seine River from Paris to Normandy that will benefit the VVAC! This is a fundraising cruise with 5% of cruise costs to be donated by AMAWATERWAYS River Cruise Line to help fund the new VVAC!  The date of the cruise is April 9 through 18, 2015. Reservations are required by November 30, 2014. Not only will you benefit the VVAC, but you will receive a discount of $750 per person.  Click HERE for the cruise flyer for more details. This is open to all, not just members.  

How Prehistoric Cultures Used Fiber and Made Cordage

In this workshop, Al Cornell will show on how to make strong, reliable cordage, completely from nature. We will study the types of plants, trees, and animal fibers that make the best fiber and cordage as well as learn several manufacturing techniques.

There will be demos relating to the above, followed with a hands-on component, wherein the participants will have an opportunity to experiment in making cordage.

This class will be offered on Friday, November 14 and repeated on Saturday, November 15.  Classes are from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Cost is $25 for members; $35 for non-members. Members have priority for sign-up.  Each class size limited to 16.  Click HERE to register for Friday, or click HERE to register for Saturday.

You Are What You Eat: Understanding Prehistoric Diet Using Stable Isotope Analysis

Our next free lecture will be on Sunday, November 16, at 2:00 pm, in the Camp Verde Community Center Rooms 26/207 behind the Gazebo at 395 S. Main Street.  

Stable isotope analysis is regularly applied to address questions concerning human diets around the world. An overview of the history and principles of isotope analyses is provided and how the results have contributed to our understanding of “we are what we eat.” Isotope analyses provides quantitative data that complement floral, faunal, ethnohistoric, and other information about dietary practices.

Kate Compton-Gore, M.A., is on the Board of Directors of the Verde Valley Archaeology Center. Kate received her degree in anthropology from Northern Arizona University. During her studies, she worked on the relationship between diet, status, and the Wari imperial impact on the Peruvian prehistoric population of Tenahaha in the Cotahuasi Valley.

This is a free program open to the public.

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