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OUR MISSION is to preserve archaeological sites and collections, to curate the collections locally, and to make them available for research and education; to develop partnerships with American Indians, cultural groups and the communities it serves; and to foster a deeper understanding of prehistory and American Indian history in the Verde Valley through the science of archaeology. 


Getting to the Point: Projectile Point Symposium

The Verde Valley Archaeology Center is teaming up with the Arizona Archaeological Council to present a symposium on projectile points of the American Southwest. Projectile points are used as key cultural and chronological indicators, yet there is no current consensus how to properly analyze projectile points, nor is there agreement on how to assign them to existing typological styles or what is required to identify new types or styles. Other important issues include technological design, refurbishing, and repurposing of projectile points. Standards are needed for reporting the results of analysis, as well as the creation of comparative data bases for the more common projectile point types found in Arizona. The symposium on November 6, will include paper and poster presentations on all things related to projectile points. The Call for Papers closes on September 18.   Read More >>

Center FREE App Now Available

You may have noticed that the Center’s website was recently redesigned. This was not just a “face-lift” but was done to ensure that the site was “friendly” with the growing legions of tablet users. We guess that either you, your kids or your grandkids (or all of the above) have a smartphone and/or a tablet. They are everywhere with thousands of available “apps.” Our app provides the latest information on events, including hikes. So if you are a smartphone/tablet user, download the FREE app and let us know what you think of it. The app is available at the Google Play Store for Android devices and at the Apple Store for the iPhone and iPad.  The Windows phone version will be available in the coming weeks.


Three Grants Awarded to the Center for Verde Valley Site Watch Program

The Center has been concerned with the increase in vandalism to prehistoric sites in the Verde Valley. This includes site destruction and graffiti.  In response, the Center created a program called Verde Valley Site Watch to support and enhance the efforts of the Site Steward program of the Arizona State Historic Preservation Office. The Center has received grants of over $3,000 from the Arizona Community Foundation of Yavapai County, the Arizona Community Foundation of Sedona and the Boynton Canyon Preservation Fund to support the program. Read more >>

Center Closes on the Acquisition of the Simonton Ranch Property

After over one year of negotiations, the Center can announce that it has acquired the 15.28 acre parcel of land in the Simonton Ranch along Homestead Parkway. The property will be the future home of a new repository, museum, auditorium and conference center.  The two parcels have been appraised at $1.37 million. The larger parcel of 9.28 acres was donated by Mr. Simonton to the Center. The other parcel of 6.0 acres was partially donated with the Center agreeing to pay $250,000. Mr. Simonton will carry the note for five years. More on this acquisition and our plans can be found by going to Our Future.

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